Don’t & doesn’t – Free Exercise 5

Do and Does are important verbs in English. They are used as auxiliary verbs for negative statements or simple present questions.

  • I don’t
  • You don’t
  • He doesn’t
  • She doesn’t
  • It doesn’t
  • We don’t
  • They don’t
  • You don’t

1.   He    need two nannies does he?


2.   No, it    hurt

3.   Why    we go out for supper tonight – just us and the kids?

4.   I    know what you mean

5.   I    cite these examples to mock these prognosticators

6.   The handle   heat up

7.   I    know that, but it doesn’t matter

8.   If only Villeneuve    make a mess of things!

9.   He    know what he says

10.   They    scare us much

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