Go & goes – Free Exercise 2

Usually we only add ‘S’ to a verb when we conjugate it in the third person but notice how To Have and To Go are slightly irregular (though they still both end in S).

  • I go
  • You go
  • He goes
  • She goes
  • It goes
  • We go
  • They go
  • You go

1.   I like to    skiing


2.  The children want to    swimming after lunch

3.  I will     out soon

4.   We used to    dancing on the weekend

5.   We    to the cinema a lot at the weekend

6.  She   to see her mother every day.

7.   We    to the cinema a lot

8.  I need to     to the bank this afternoon

9.   I have nowhere to     

10.  I would like to     somewhere warm for my vacation

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