Have & has – Free Exercise 4

Have & has are different conjugations of the verb to have. In present tense we use have for all the forms of the personal pronouns, but the third person singular.

  • I have
  • You have
  • He has
  • She has
  • It has
  • We have
  • You have
  • They have

1.    I think I    met him once before


2.    There    been many earthquakes in California

3.    I    never been to France

4.    People    traveled to the Moon

5.    Nobody    ever climbed that mountain

6.    Yes, there    been a war in the United States

7.    Man    walked on the Moon

8.    Our son    learned how to read

9.    Doctors    cured many deadly diseases

10.    People    not traveled to Mars

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