Say & says – Free Exercise 1

‘Say’ can mean to mention or talk about something using words. You pronounce ‘say’ the way it is spelled. ‘Says’ is used with pronouns like ‘he’ or ‘she’ or ‘it’

  • I say
  • You say
  • He says
  • She says
  • It says
  • We say
  • They say
  • You say

1.   I    silly things when I am tired


2.   You    pizza is better cold

3.   He    he likes cats

4.   She    it does not matter anymore

5.   It    on the label!

6.   We   goodbye for now

7.   You    it is raining, right?

8.   They    sleep is the best thing

9.   Did I    I am coming at 6 pm?

10.   Did you    your name is Sara?

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