Say & says – Free Exercise 3

‘Say’ can mean to mention or talk about something using words. You pronounce ‘say’ the way it is spelled. ‘Says’ is used with pronouns like ‘he’ or ‘she’ or ‘it’

  • I say
  • You say
  • He says
  • She says
  • It says
  • We say
  • They say
  • You say

1.   Bill    you have a new house


2.   He    he has a cold

3.   Let’s    you are stranded on an island

4.   Anthony    you have a new job

5.   Time is money, as they     !

6.   They   it all started with a big bang

7.   I love it when she    that I make her laugh

8.   They    actions speak louder than words

9.   Americans    “elevator”, Britishers say “lift”

10.   She    she lives a fast life

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